The Portfolio of
Mihai Georgescu
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Wander is a randomly generated, slow-paced take on the endless runner genre.  
The game began as an exploration of silhouettes and simple scripting in Construct 2.
Other Projects
Hello! My name is Mihai Georgescu and I am a freelance artist and game developer currently living in Scotland.

I have created numerous illustrations, logos and digital paintings for bands, martial arts societies and companies. I also enjoy the creative process of making games and am currently creating artwork for a 2-8 player board game called Arcane Blaster Casters. 

I am proficient in multiple software packages, including Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya and Mudbox, Unreal Development Kit, World Machine and Construct 2.

As part of teams, I have taken on multiple roles as an artist, ranging from background asset generation to lead artist.


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